Regarding Ducks and Universes

“Weaving together physics, philosophy, and wry humor, Maslakovic’s inventive debut is a delight.” – Booklist

“The story unfolds at a sprightly pace…clever combination of mystery, science fiction and humor gives this title broad appeal.” – School Library Journal

“A witty and light ‘what if’ novel stuffed with an amusing and eclectic cast of characters.” – Publishers Weekly, in the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest

On a foggy Monday in 1986, the universe suddenly, without warning, bifurcated. Fast-forward to 35 years later: Felix Sayers is a culinary writer living in San Francisco of Universe A who spends his days lunching at Coconut Café and dreaming of penning an Agatha Christie-style mystery. But everything changes when his Aunt Henrietta dies, leaving Felix a photograph which proves that he was born before the bifurcation. He has an ‘alter’ in Universe B. 

Panicked that his mystery novel may have been penned already by his alter, Felix crosses to San Francisco B and proceeds to flagrantly violate the rules of both worlds by snooping around his alter’s life. But when he narrowly escapes a hit-and-run, it becomes clear that someone knows he’s crossed over… and whoever it is isn’t happy about it. Now Felix must uncover the truth about his alter, the events of one Monday, and a wayward rubber duck before his time in both worlds runs out.

Available from 47North in paperback, audiobook narrated by Alexander Cendese, and eBook for Kindle/tablet/iPad.

Paperback : 344 pages
ISBN-10 : 1935597345
ISBN-13 : 978-1935597346
Publisher : 47North (February 15, 2011)

Available in German. Translation by Peter Friedrich