Whence Yabput…???

Every blog needs a name and this one’s is Yabput

A bit of an explanation is in order.

To the right of this post, under the little blurb about Regarding Ducks and Universes, is a concise definition:

Yabput (n.) yaab-poot
Yet another branching point in the universal timeline.

So far so good. It kinda, sorta makes sense. Especially since at the top of the page it says: Yabput: Neve’s News and Updates. What it means is that every time I write a post about a book giveaway or an event or even just jot down a thought for the day, I feel like a universe (as per the many-worlds interpretation) just might be branching off… That is to say, there are other universes in which I’m too lazy or too busy to post or am in bed with the flu, but in ours here I am.

In Regarding Ducks and Universesuniverses branch off whenever a significant event occurs. But what’s a significant event? In the book the explanation goes something like this:

As Pak packed up his laptop, I asked, “What constitutes a significant chain of events, anyway?”
Arni sent a quick glance in the direction of Tulip, who was securing an attachment to the vacuum in a dilatory manner, and repeated, “What constitutes a significant event chain? Anything that creates a universe.”
“And what creates a universe?”
“Anything that constitutes a significant event chain.”
“Anything that—oh, for heaven’s sake,” I said, and stomped up to my room.

 I suspect something similar holds for blogs:

What constitutes good blog-post material?
Anything that makes for a good blog post.

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