BEA pics

I’m back from BookExpo with lots of impressions and having met and talked to some lovely people from Amazon Publishing, including my editor Alex Carr and fellow authors Karen McQuestion, Sarah Collins Honenberger, Richard Hine, Eric KraftElisa LorelloSarah Girrell, and others! I finished off the week by visiting my sister Anna and her family for a couple of whirlwind days in downtown Manhattan before heading back to (at least ten degrees cooler) Minnesota and Memorial Day weekend, which we celebrated by finally buying a charcoal BBQ grill.  
Here is a brief recap of the BEA part of the trip in photos:   
The Press Lounge, rooftop of the Ink48 hotel (previously a printing house), just before the Amazon Publishing cocktail party on Monday night. Fog and a view in the general direction of Times Square. 
Same rooftop, a couple of hours later. The party is in full swing behind the picture-taker. Five AmazonEncore authors, left to right: Raymond BeanMaria MurnaneKaren McQuestionSarah Collins Honenberger, and yours truly. (Photo courtesy of Karen McQuestion; mine turned out too dark.)

Entrance to Javits Center as seen from the upper floor on Tuesday morning.

Karen McQuestion and I in front of the Amazon Publishing booth. Karen turned out to be as nice in person as she is in her emails and was quite willing to show a BEA newbie around.

The suitcases, lower level of Javits Center. Booksellers and librarians stash advance reader copies and other giveaways in the suitcases before heading back to the exhibition booths for more.
BEA, one of the exhibition floors.
And finally… the cookie. In addition to arranging for a few other things (like transportation to NY, lodging, the cocktail party, and admission to the BEA exhibition floor), the Amazon team had goodie bags for each of us when we checked into the Ink48 — bottled water, snacks, and a cookie decorated with our book’s name! The titles got abridged a bit for compactness purposes, but pretty nifty.

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