Site Clean-up

I’ve been working on combining my website and blog into one (and if you didn’t know I had a website, well, that’s why I’m combining the two. I’ve been feeling for a while that it’s redundant to have both, plus I never knew which one to send people to when they asked.) Anyway, hopefully I’ve sorted out all the links correctly and everyone who’s used to seeing my posts will see this one as well.

On a related note, if you Liked my Facebook author page but wonder why you never see any updates from me anymore, it’s because my posts no longer automatically appear in people’s feeds… unless I pay for them to be shown. Which rather defeats the purpose of having a Facebook page in the first place, to connect to friends and readers, not to create paid ads. So you may see this post… or not.

Anyway, I’m still fiddling with the new website, but if you have a moment, stop on by and let me know how I’m doing so far.

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