Cover Reveal: All the Whys of Delilah’s Demise


It’s here, the cover for All the Whys of Delilah’s Demise, out on March 16, 2021! I was concerned the title, being long, would have to be squished in, but I think it pops beautifully. Fantastic job on the design by Damonza.


As the publication date nears, I’ll have a few ARC ebooks (Advance Reader Copies) to give out. I’ll be emailing these out at the beginning of March. Launch week reviews posted on Amazon and/or Goodreads are more important than ever in getting the word out about the book, so if you interested in being an early reviewer, please do let me know. Details on how to sign up are below.

To be added to the ARC list, either:

(1) reply to this email (if you’re reading this in a newsletter)


(2) contact me.

There is a choice of formats: mobi (for Kindle ), epub, or pdf. Don’t forget to let me know which format you’d prefer!


I’m Giving Away Advance Copies of The Runestone Incident

Hope everyone is having a merry and relaxing holiday season. Look what landed on my doorstep, like a Christmas present from my publisher — the advance copies of The Runestone Incident (Book 2 of the Incident series)!

Here are the ARCs, looking all snug in their box:

Half of the books have been slated for a Goodreads giveaway, but the other ten are up for grabs. If you’d like one, let me know within the next couple of days! Remember, the ARC is the next-to-last version of the book, so expect a handful of typos and uncorrected errors, and blank space where an illustration will go.

Here are some ways to reach me:

1. If you received this via the email newsletter, you can just reply back.
2. Send an email to neve (at)
3. Send me a private message on Goodreads, Facebook, or Twitter.

Don’t forget to include your mailing address! 

The only thing I ask is that you post a review somewhere, anywhere, whether you decide you like the new book or not. Good places to leave a review are Amazon (after the publication date, February 11) and Goodreads. As always, the reviews are much appreciated.

Happy reading and have a wonderful 2014, everyone!