Farewell 2014 Welcome 2015

Season’s greetings and best wishes for 2015! May the upcoming year treat you and yours well, and may any and all surprises be good ones.

I’m going to skip the obligatory recap of last year, as I feel it’s always better to look ahead than to sneak glances backward. Book-wise, here is where things stand going into the new year:

The publishing train for The Bellbottom Incident, the final book in the Incident series, is right on track, chugging on. We are in the middle of the copyediting stage and the book should be going up for preorder on Kindle in early January. The cover is all set and a publication date of March 31, 2015 for both the print and Kindle versions is looking likely.

I’m happy to report that The Runestone Incident is on this year’s longlist of nominees for the Minnesota Book Awards (you can find the whole list of nominees here; the book is about halfway down the page, in the Genre Fiction category). It’s very nice to see the book there, snuggled next to others of its kind. Finalists are announced at the end of January, so there’s not much to do at this point but keep fingers crossed. 

Back in November, I was invited to join a writers’ co-op, Westmarch Publishing, and I jumped at the chance. We are still in the early stages of organizing our group home, but you can take a peek at the website here. There are nine of us for now, that is to say, yours truly along with eight awesome authors who write everything from mysteries to zombie apocalypse stories to steampunk. Please check out their books when you get a chance!

I also have a short story in the works, a prequel to the Incident series. More details on that when (or possibly if) I can think of a good ending to the story.

As always, I’m thinking of what my next big project should be, while working on getting the current one (The Bellbottom Incident) out the door, but it’s entirely too early to reveal any details, so really I don’t even know why I put this paragraph in here.

Finally, in regards to conferences, I will be at next year’s CONvergence here in the Twin Cities, so look for me there in July of 2015.

Thanks for reading this blog and my books, and best wishes for 2015!


Order a Personalized Copy of My Books

Uncle Hugo’s is a science fiction bookstore here in Minneapolis. They’ve just celebrated their 40th anniversary, which makes Uncle Hugo’s the “oldest independent science fiction bookstore” in the U.S.! Needless to say, forty years is a long time to be in business, especially in the publishing business, so a big congrats to Don Blyly–you can read his take on How’s Business? in this store newsletter. The store is next door to its mystery twin, Uncle Edgar’s, and is packed from floor to ceiling with new and used books. It’s an excellent place to find out-of-print and vintage books.

Uncle Hugo’s is also the one place you can get signed copies of my books (unless you run into me somewhere). They do ship, so you don’t have to come by in person.
If you do feel like stopping by, I will be at Uncle Hugo’s on Saturday, May 10, from 1-2 pm signing books, along with Douglas Hulick, who is signing copes of his newest book, Sworn in Steel.

Otherwise, you can pre-order a signed and/or personalized copy of any of my books. I will sign and/or personalize the book when I’m there in May and Uncle Hugo’s will ship it to you.

I’ve been meaning to take pictures of the inside of Uncle Hugo’s, and will do so this time around and post them!



The Runestone Incident Release Day!

It’s finally here — release day for The Runestone Incident! This is the second book in the Incident series (and my third book in all). You might think that the long wait between the final proofs (mid-October) and release day (today!) would get easier with each successive book… but it doesn’t.
It’s always the same mix of nervous anticipation and itchy impatience. But that’s now over and Book 2 is out and available in these formats: trade paperback, ebook for your Kindle, tablet, or iPad, and audio book, as read by the immensely talented, Hugo-winning author Mary Robinette Kowal. (On a side note, I thought I’d throw Mary a curveball this time around by including a few Old Norse words in Book 2, but no — it turns out she speaks Icelandic, so Old Norse was right up her alley!)

In celebration of the release, 47North is doing a giveaway on Goodreads. Enter by February 24 for a chance to win one of 20 complimentary print copies.

The book has also gone up on NetGalley, where professional reviewers can request a digital copy. Near as I can tell (since I’m not really involved in the process), that includes book bloggers and also readers who regularly post Goodreads reviews, so if you fall into one of those two categories, it might be worth looking into.



I’m Giving Away Advance Copies of The Runestone Incident

Hope everyone is having a merry and relaxing holiday season. Look what landed on my doorstep, like a Christmas present from my publisher — the advance copies of The Runestone Incident (Book 2 of the Incident series)!

Here are the ARCs, looking all snug in their box:

Half of the books have been slated for a Goodreads giveaway, but the other ten are up for grabs. If you’d like one, let me know within the next couple of days! Remember, the ARC is the next-to-last version of the book, so expect a handful of typos and uncorrected errors, and blank space where an illustration will go.

Here are some ways to reach me:

1. If you received this via the email newsletter, you can just reply back.
2. Send an email to neve (at)
3. Send me a private message on Goodreads, Facebook, or Twitter.

Don’t forget to include your mailing address! 

The only thing I ask is that you post a review somewhere, anywhere, whether you decide you like the new book or not. Good places to leave a review are Amazon (after the publication date, February 11) and Goodreads. As always, the reviews are much appreciated.

Happy reading and have a wonderful 2014, everyone!



News This Second Week of August

A heads-up about a new feature on my blog – starting September first I’m going to have once-a-month guest posts from fellow 47North authors, which should be fun. They’ll talk about their books and so on, and maybe reveal some things I’m curious about (such as whether they read their Amazon reviews). Since 47North publishes a wide variety of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, expect an equally wide variety of personalities and opinions. (I mean that in a good way.)

In other news, since it’s gone up on Amazon, I can now reveal the cover of The Runestone Incident, due out in February of next year! I really like the color flip to the cover of Book 1 in the series — for The Far Time Incident we had a near-white background and black lettering and falling figures, while Book 2 has a black background and white text and figures, as you can see below. And then there’s that lovely touch of orange, which just pulls it all together.

This time everyone is falling into the North America part of the globe, which fits the story well. As an aside (I don’t remember if I commented on this with Book 1 or not), it’s really nice that the people on the cover are actually people-shaped, as opposed to being video-game bodied and totally unrealistic. I like to think Julia is the one near the top, but I suppose she could be any of the three.

Hope everyone is having a good August!


Title and Pub Date Reveal

For anyone who’s been wondering about what’s happening with the sequel to The Far Time Incident, I have a quick update:

  1. The title of Book 2 in the series (drum roll please!) is The Runestone Incident.
  2. The expected publication date is February 11, 2014

The one-sentence description reads thusly: In the second installment of Neve Maslakovic’s addictive time travel series, St. Sunniva University duo Julia Olsen and Nate Kirkland are in the fourteenth century on the trail of a mysterious runestone and a missing postdoc. No cover yet, but the listing has already gone up on Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, Regarding Ducks and Universes recently passed a hundred reviews there, which seems like a milestone. It’s been two years and a couple of months since the book came out and reviews are still trickling in as new readers continue to discover it, which is, of course, awesome in itself. So I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who read the book — I appreciate if you took the time to leave a review, whether you liked it, or didn’t, or thought it had just the right number of ducks or needed fewer ducks or more ducks or whatever. You guys rock!