Title and Pub Date Reveal

For anyone who’s been wondering about what’s happening with the sequel to The Far Time Incident, I have a quick update:

  1. The title of Book 2 in the series (drum roll please!) is The Runestone Incident.
  2. The expected publication date is February 11, 2014

The one-sentence description reads thusly: In the second installment of Neve Maslakovic’s addictive time travel series, St. Sunniva University duo Julia Olsen and Nate Kirkland are in the fourteenth century on the trail of a mysterious runestone and a missing postdoc. No cover yet, but the listing has already gone up on Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, Regarding Ducks and Universes recently passed a hundred reviews there, which seems like a milestone. It’s been two years and a couple of months since the book came out and reviews are still trickling in as new readers continue to discover it, which is, of course, awesome in itself. So I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who read the book — I appreciate if you took the time to leave a review, whether you liked it, or didn’t, or thought it had just the right number of ducks or needed fewer ducks or more ducks or whatever. You guys rock!

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