News This Second Week of August

A heads-up about a new feature on my blog – starting September first I’m going to have once-a-month guest posts from fellow 47North authors, which should be fun. They’ll talk about their books and so on, and maybe reveal some things I’m curious about (such as whether they read their Amazon reviews). Since 47North publishes a wide variety of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, expect an equally wide variety of personalities and opinions. (I mean that in a good way.)

In other news, since it’s gone up on Amazon, I can now reveal the cover of The Runestone Incident, due out in February of next year! I really like the color flip to the cover of Book 1 in the series — for The Far Time Incident we had a near-white background and black lettering and falling figures, while Book 2 has a black background and white text and figures, as you can see below. And then there’s that lovely touch of orange, which just pulls it all together.

This time everyone is falling into the North America part of the globe, which fits the story well. As an aside (I don’t remember if I commented on this with Book 1 or not), it’s really nice that the people on the cover are actually people-shaped, as opposed to being video-game bodied and totally unrealistic. I like to think Julia is the one near the top, but I suppose she could be any of the three.

Hope everyone is having a good August!

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